ANTM finale

YEY! A Brit has won the ultimate prize of being named America’s Next Top Model. Well done Sophie!! It’s quite sad that it is all over now, but you know I just had to record a blog on the finale episode!!

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  1. steph eloise says:

    looooved this, made me laugh a lot!

  2. broylim says:

    You’re so fun to watch!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Tiffaney says:

    Oh my goodness you are absolutely adorable! Although I had wanted Sophie from the makeover episode (pink hair is awesome) but you were my second favorite. Even though you can obviously model annd quite well at that I want you to have your own talkshow. Honestly I would watch your show everyday, please never change! Also your facial expressions are priceless. Please don’t let this be the end. Oh and MIB3 is awesome.

  4. timewaster says:

    Love it! You so deserved to be there – you doubt yourself far too much, you deserved it as much as Laura and Sophie I think.

    Look forward to the next vlog!

  5. Leee says:

    My brilliant idea: You should become a permanent contestant on ANTM so that you can continue giving us the inside dish in your videos for, like, EVER.

  6. John says:

    Annaliese ….

    Just an initial note to say (1) you are like the most delightful, pleasant person in the world [don’t disagree with me :-)] (2) you cannot stop blogging (3) yes, it’s sad it’s over (4) there is not a doubt in my mind you should have have been in the top two and you could have won if you went for it (5) The Brits were superior to the American girls and I am so glad a Brit won. Sophie is a sweet soul, she worked hard, she is a good model for sure. And she definitely deserved to win based on the final competition.


  7. alexandria says:

    so excited that sophie won. i still think it shouldve been you and sophie instead of laura. laura was just too wrong for the demographic of ANTM. she loves and wants sex too much and thats not a good role model. like kelly said sophie never gave up. she came in 2nd on britians and now she wins ANTM. sophie really deserved it and im so happy that tyra made the right decision. side note: ive been wanting to visit london for the longest time. whenever im able to get there what fun things are there to do or whats the best spot to go to??


  8. John says:

    Finishing from earlier note — I thought this finale was not as eventful as previous cycles. Runway was way too short and did not display enough of contestants or former models. There was way way way too much of Laura, her bravado, etc. Now respectfully, Laura had a genuine panic attack medically. But ANTM pushed all the drama too far and too long regards her. And she says the same stuff week after week, about being tough (overcompensating), sexually on, etc. etc. Anyhow, Laura may have good still photos in her portfolio. But her read on Cover Girl was awful, her walk was mediocre, she did not excel. She’s not a top model, despite all the hype. That Kelly “turned” on her is interesting. As I’ve noted before, Kelly is accomplished, but she is quite negative. No one appointed her to be hard on people. …. In the end, Sophie won and she should have given the two. The judges got it right, though they worried me before the announcement. … That being said >>>> Annaliese, you remain phenomenal, super, energizing. Not enough could be said about you being genuine, strong, positive. I esteem you highly and believe in you without measure.


  9. Madeline says:

    Hey Annaliese I love your personaility! I wish I could be so confident like you! I hope to see you on television again your just soooooo AWESOME!!!

    Lots of Love From Canada

  10. Rose says:

    Hey Annaliese, You are just Awesome I love it and by “it” I mean this video, your spirit, your modeling and just adored how polite you are… You take criticism and notes so well, and it is so so so obvious that you keep pushing harder and harder….
    And you know what : You are just the kinda girl who is a great spirit, and u make me wanna be your bestie so so much…
    Iยดve always wanted to go to London, but right now you made me very very interested to visit and if Dreams do Come true I would actually meet you and chat with you or Goooood would send me my own little british bestie with an Annaliesian Spirit ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. Rose says:

    Oh BTW I am from Morocco, u should visit sometimes, and u are welcome anytime, even tough I am kinda Moving to Paris this fall so ….
    Hey maybe I will see in Paris Fashion Week ๐Ÿ˜€ Never know !

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