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Frrills Crossed

Frills By AD is finally here! And just in case you’re wondering what exactly Frills are… or is, it’s the Funky, Frilly Sock Boutique and my new venture for 2013. So yes, I have indeed created my own range of frilly socks and yes I am very aware of how random it sounds. It’s just as well I have the talented team at Frills By AD behind me all the way.


Frills "Made With Love"


Frills By AD came to fruition when my obsession with frilly socks wasn’t being met by the current market. It frustrated me so much that I ended up designing my own unique pair of frilly socks and having them made by a seamstress friend of mine. I now have a team of professional seamstresses all located within the greater London area who are, literally, working their socks off!


Frills Various


So when we say, “Made with love wear with pride”, it’s a statement that runs true to out hearts.


Frills Card


The sky is the limit with Frills by AD. And while there maybe only be 4 original styles right now, my brain is bulging with all possible possibilities and combinations. So watch this space….



Frills By AD are available right NOW! To check out the collection head to the official website HERE


They are also stocked on the ASOS Marketplace:

 Frills x3


So, I might regret saying this, but please feel free to leave your comments below. Your feedback really is important to me… but only if it’s what I want to here! Lol


Twitter: @FrillsByAD


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  1. Rose says:

    ok, i know this is a bit irrelevant, but i watched your cycle of ANTM and you’ve just inspired me! like you are so sweet and kind and bubbly, and gorgeous! the Frills are adorable and i’m sort of obsessed with your green platform shoes.
    sorry if this is stalker-ish, i just really appreciate and admire you <3 good luck in your career as a model/presenter xx

  2. Dawn says:


    Just happened to catch the ANTM: British Invasion marathon this past weekend and truly enjoyed watching your journey. You are cool and genuine! I like people like that. I googled you to catch up on what you were doing since the show and found this site. OMG! I LOVE frilly socks too! Moreso on children but never thought about them for adults or changing the style. Though I’m not ordering any today, I will do so in the future to support your business.

    If your travels ever bring you to Atlanta, GA, hit me up!


  3. Shenise says:

    I really want a pair of those socks for Christmas lol my mom is right here can you please tell me the estimated price

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